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Basics of Satellite Sytems

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Satellites function as a cell or Microwave tower in the sky, transmitting data from one point on the earth to another.

Attributes of Satellite Systems

  • Large Geographic Coverage interconnecting widely distributed networks,  providing broadcasting services over a country, region, or entire  hemisphere “last mile” connectivity for telecom services,  broadband  and video services
  • Instant infrastructure, whether for network redundancy or emergency  connectivity.
  • Mobility, whether for voice, data or broadband or mobile video.

Satellites in Telecommunications

  • Commercial satellites are an essential component of the global  communications infrastructure
  • Satellites carry the world’s media content around the globe
  • Satellites deliver television, radio and broadband services directly  to consumers
  • Satellites offer mobile and portable voice, data and video globally
  • Satellite networks link businesses among widely-dispersed locations
  • Satellites provide connectivity and network restoration for remote and  rural telecommunications operators
  • Satellites are critical to disaster recovery and emergency preparedness
  • Satellites provide critical communications and network restoration services  following natural disasters
  • The satellite industry is a subset of both the telecommunications and space industries
  • Satellite industry revenues represent 61% of space industry revenues and 4% of telecommunications industry revenues



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